14. Using Client-only Install Packages : Downloading the Client-only Installation Packages

Downloading the Client-only Installation Packages
To download AccuRev client-only installation packages:
Check the license agreement, and then expand the Product and Version tabs to locate the appropriate AccuRev release.
Rename the file you just downloaded as AccuRevClientInstall.[exe | bin], and copy it to the appropriate location on your AccuRev Server. For example, if you downloaded
accurev-6.2.0-windows-clientonly.exe, save it to
c:\Program Files (x86)\AccuRev\bin\installers\Windows\AccuRevClientInstall.exe.
Important! Client-only install packages must be named AccuRevClientInstall.exe or AccuRevClientInstall.bin or they will not be recognized by the client upgrade feature.
The client-only installation package is now available for AccuRev users, who can access the package using the:
AccuRev GUI: Help > Upgrade Client
CLI: accurev upgrade_client

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