11. Using Streams to Enforce Process : Creating Gated Streams

Creating Gated Streams
You can create gated streams anywhere in your depot’s stream hierarchy that you choose, but it is common to create them as children of your build, test, and integration streams to ensure that code from individual contributors does not introduce errors that will affect other users. You might still wish to include manual processes such as code reviews as part of your development process, of course, but gated streams allow you to automate aspects of the development lifecycle to ensure a baseline level of quality and operability.
You can create gated streams using the StreamBrowser or the AccuRev CLI as described in the following procedures.
From the StreamBrowser
To create a gated stream from the StreamBrowser:
Right-click the parent stream and choose New Stream from the right-click menu.
In the Stream Type field, choose Gated stream.
Using the CLI
To create a gated stream using the AccuRev CLI:
accurev mkstream -s <gated stream name> -b <backing stream name> --gated

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