11. Using Streams to Enforce Process : Troubleshooting

This section describes tools and techniques you can use to troubleshoot problems you might encounter with your gated stream implementation.
Trigger Log
The trigger log, trigger.log, is located in the \storage\site_slice\logs\ directory where you installed AccuRev. It is always a good place to start when investigating problems with the server_master_trig trigger.
Common Trigger Issues
The following table summarizes some of the common trigger issues you might encounter with your gated streams implementation and how to address them. Note that AccuRev uses the same status icons when it encounters these issues as it does during normal operation of the server_master_trig trigger.
Invalid user. The user identified in the Script user setup portion of server_master_trig.pl must be the user logged in to AccuRev server or the trigger will not run.
To correct this problem, the script user should log in to AccuRev using accurev login -n.
Syntax error. You might have a syntax error in the trigger Perl script. You can check for syntax errors by running:
perl -wc server_master_trig.pl
Perl module missing. The trigger will not start if it uses a Perl module that has not been installed. The syntax check performed by running the following command will ensure that you have access to all the Perl modules your trigger script requires:
perl -wc server_master_trig.pl
The $::AccuRev path is incorrect. Locate the AccuRev path variable in the first CUSTOMIZE ME section of server_master_trig.pl and ensure that you are using the correct entry for your operating system (examples for both UNIX and Windows are provided, but one should be commented out) and that the path is correctly specified.
The trigger cannot be located. This error occurs if AccuRev cannot locate the server_master_trig trigger. To correct this problem, verify that the trigger has been saved to the \storage\site_slice\triggers\ directory where you installed AccuRev, and, if running in Windows, that a .bat file for the trigger has been created there.
The trigger cannot be executed. This error occurs only on Linux if the server_master_trig.pl does not have the executable permission enabled. You can use chmod to change the trigger script’s access mode.
Tip: Consider customizing the trigger to display a different tooltip for the running icon to distinguish trigger issues from normal operation. For example, you might want to display "Build running..." during builds or "Code review pending..." while waiting for a reviewer to finish her code review.

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