8. Moving the AccuRev Server and Repository to Another Machine : On the Destination Machine

On the Destination Machine
Perform a full AccuRev Server installation on this machine as described in the AccuRev Installation and Release Notes. The installation directory pathname need not be the same as on the source machine.
Note: Do not copy over the /storage/db directory on the destination machine. This directory should not have been included in the backup of the source machine repository, and you do not want to overwrite the /storage/db directory on the destination machine.
Check that the file ownership and permissions are correct; they may need to be altered if the username used to run the AccuRev server is different on the source and destination machines, or if your backup/restore tool does not correctly preserve these settings.
maintain server_properties update
See ‘The ‘maintain’ Utility for more information.
Change the locations of the slices to their locations on this machine using the output from the accurev show slices and accurev show depots commands on the source machine. To do so, run the following command for each slice:
maintain chslice <slice-number> <new-location>

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