1. The AccuRev Data Repository : Archiving Data and Removing Data

Archiving Data and Removing Data
In a perfect world, no one makes mistakes and there’s an infinite amount of disk storage. But in this world, you sometimes save data by mistake and your repository sometimes outstrips your storage capacity. In general, AccuRev’s TimeSafe principle (its ability to reproduce previous configurations) does not allow version data to be removed from the repository once it has been placed there. There’s just one exception: you can remove an entire depot from the repository.
Removing depots that were created by mistake (or, perhaps, for practice) can help to reclaim valuable disk space. Another strategy is to “get rid” of old versions, ones that you anticipate won’t need to be used again.
AccuRev allows you to archive old versions, moving their space-consuming container files out of the repository to offline storage. And if it turns out that you do need the versions, after all, you can restore them from offline storage to the repository.
Both depot removal and archiving versions are discussed in the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide.

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