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Copyright and Trademarks
Before You Begin
Using This Book
Typographical Conventions
Contacting Technical Support
Day-to-Day Usage of AccuRev®
The AccuRev® Usage Model
Change and Synchronization: The Four Basic Commands
Next Steps
The Developer Experience
Starting AccuRev
Going to Your Workspace
Editing Your Source Files
Keeping Your Modified Files
Sharing Changes with the Rest of the Team
Creating a Second Workspace
Working on Files in the Second Workspace
Merging Two Versions of a File
The Release Engineer Experience
Opening the StreamBrowser™
Creating an Integration Stream Based on the Base Stream
Creating a Snapshot Stream to Capture the Current State of Development
Reparenting Your Workspaces
Updating Your Workspace
Promoting Your Changes from the Integration Stream to the Base Stream
Creating a Second Snapshot of the Base Stream
Comparing the Contents of the Two Snapshot Streams
Observing the Differences Between Snapshots at the Individual File Level
Seeing Inheritance in the Stream Hierarchy
Using a Basis Time to Block Inheritance
Viewing the History of a Stream
Using a Time-based Stream to Reproduce a Previous Configuration
Making Fixes to a Previous Release
Promoting Changes from the Maintenance Stream to the Integration Stream
Issue Management with AccuWork™
Setting up the Default Schema
Creating a Few New Issues
Creating a Query
Making a Query Your Default Query
Enabling the Built-in Integration Between AccuRev Configuration Management and AccuWork Issue Management
Turning Off the Integration Between Configuration Management and Issue Management