3. Specifying Ignore Patterns for External Objects : Wildcards in Ignore Patterns

Wildcards in Ignore Patterns
In addition to explicit filenames and paths (dev_notes.doc, /temp/notes/ and /pubs/design_offsite.txt, for example) AccuRev ignore patterns support wildcards, as summarized in the following table.
pa?t.txt matches pact.txt and part.txt, but not pat.txt
pa*t.txt matches pat.txt, pact.txt, part.txt, and paint.txt
[aekz] matches a, e, k, or z
[a-e] matches a, b, c, d, or e
.*ba[kt] matches any file with either a .bak or .bat extension
file[!12].cpp matches the file3.cpp and file4.cpp but not file1.cpp and file2.cpp
pubs **/*.doc matches any file with a .doc extension in any directory under the pubs directory: pubs/overview.doc and
pubs/ui/preferences.doc, for example.
n_{one,t??,s*}.txt matches n_one.txt, n_two.txt, n_ten.txt, n_six.txt and n_seven.txt,

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