3. Specifying Ignore Patterns for External Objects : Using .acignore

Using .acignore
This section describes considerations for using the .acignore file to specify ignore patterns.
Where You Can Use .acignore
The following table summarizes where you can use .acignore files and what effect that has on the external objects AccuRev ignores.
Sets the ignore pattern for the specified workspace. For example:
Note that patterns specified in per-directory .acignore files are not inherited unless they are specified using recursion syntax (**). For example, if you add a .acignore file to the \forms directory with the pattern *.bak, external objects with a .bak extension in the \forms\xml directory are not filtered.
Similarly, you could specify different patterns using separate .acignore files in the \se-install\drafts and \forms\xml directories. See Wildcards in Ignore Patterns to learn about recursion syntax.
Specifying Ignore Patterns in .acignore
Each ignore pattern in an .acignore file must be on its own line. For example, you can specify this:
but not this:
*.exe *.doc
manuals/*.doc README.html

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