1. Converting Baselevel Directories to AccuRev : Processing the First Baselevel

Processing the First Baselevel
Next, populate gizmo with files from the first baselevel.
cd \baselevels\gizmo1.0
accurev mkws -w import -b gizmo -l .
Note that the command line ends with “dash-ell dot”. This creates a workspace called import, which is based on stream gizmo (currently empty) in the current location.
accurev stat -x > extfiles.list
The –x stands for external. View the resulting file. You may see many files that you don’t want to put under version control: object files, executables, text-editor backup files, etc.
(and so on)
(See Specifying Ignore Patterns for External Objects.)
Try the preceding two steps again, keep repeating this process until the stat –x command lists exactly the set of files that you want AccuRev to keep track of.
accurev add -c "initial file add" -x
This creates versions in the import workspace, but has not yet made them available to others working on the gizmo project. The –c option allows you to associate a comment with the transaction.
accurev promote -c "initial file promote" -k
Recording the Baselevel with a Snapshot
At this point, you can create a snapshot of the gizmo stream. A snapshot is a special kind of stream, whose contents can never change. (Hence, a snapshot is also called a “static stream”, distinguishing it from a standard dynamic stream.) In this case, the snapshot will contain the versions in the first baselevel, because that’s exactly what the gizmo stream contains at the current time.
(The gizmo stream itself will change, as you incorporate additional baselevels. But any snapshot you create is guaranteed to be frozen forever!)
Use the mksnap command to create the snapshot:
accurev mksnap -s gizmo1.0 -b gizmo -t now
At any time in the future, you can use snapshot gizmo1.0 to see the contents of the first baselevel. And if you need to fix a bug that existed at this baselevel, you can create a maintenance stream below the snapshot. See Creating and Using a Maintenance Stream.
Note: AccuRev does not implement snapshots with “version labels”, as do branch-and-label SCM systems. Since there’s no need to attach a label to each version in the baselevel, creating a snapshot is virtually instantaneous!

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