4. Techniques for Sharing Workspaces : Accessing a Windows Workspace From Multiple Windows Clients

Accessing a Windows Workspace From Multiple Windows Clients
Multiple AccuRev users, on Windows client machines, can share a workspace that is physically located on a Windows machine. (Or maybe there’s just one user, who wants to access a workspace from multiple Windows client machines.)
Designate a directory that is above the top-level directory of the workspace tree as a Windows “shared directory”. For example, if the workspace tree for workspace widget_maint_derek on machine derekpc is located at C:\widget\workspaces\maintdrp, you could set the shared directory as follows:
net share widgwork=C:\widget\workspaces
Note: The workspace tree’s top-level directory itself (maintdrp in the example above) cannot be designated as the shared directory.
Determine how AccuRev records the workspace tree location, using the command accurev show wspaces. (The pathname will always use forward slashes, even if it’s a Windows pathname.)
widget_maint_derek /widgwork/maintdrp derekpc ...
... skip to Step 3.
widget_maint_derek C:/widget/workspaces/maintdrp derekpc ...
... you must use the chws command to change the recorded location to a pathname that incorporates the share name. This involves mapping a network drive to the shared directory:
> net use K: \\derekpc\widgwork
The command completed successfully.

> K:

> cd \maintdrp

> accurev chws -w widget_maint_derek -l . (“dash-ell dot”)
Changed location.
Changed machine name.

> accurev show wspaces
widget_maint_derek /widgwork/maintdrp derekpc ...
> net use P: \\derekpc\widgwork
The command completed successfully.

> P:

> cd \maintdrp

> accurev info
Workspace/ref: widget_maint_derek
Basis: widget_maint
Top: P:/maintdrp
Users on different machines can map the shared directory to different drive letters, and access the workspace as, for example, Y:\maintdrp or R:\maintdrp.

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