7. Notes for CVS Users : AccuRev Workspaces vs. CVS Sandboxes

AccuRev Workspaces vs. CVS Sandboxes
Each directory in a CVS sandbox has a subdirectory named CVS. This subdirectory stores metadata: where the versions were checked out from and the version number of each file. Only these directories record the relationship between files in the sandbox and the repository. If you move a sandbox, CVS doesn’t care because you are simultaneously moving the CVS subdirectories.
With AccuRev, the relationship between a workspace and the repository is tracked by the AccuRev Server. No metadata is stored in the workspace itself. AccuRev tracks the client machine where each workspace resides and the pathname of its top-level directory. If you move a workspace to a different location, you must inform AccuRev of the move using the chws command.

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