10. Notes on Revert to ... and Diff Against... GUI Commands : Overview

The following screenshot shows the progression of file foo_3.java. The file is initially created, edited, and promoted to stream prod3000_itr by user1 in workspace prod3000_itr_user1. It is then edited and promoted to stream prod3000_itr by user2 in workspace prod3000_itr_user2. Finally, user1 makes two more sets of changes in workspace prod3000_itr_user1, which she keeps, but does not promote. The screenshot is taken from an “Expanded Mode” Version Browser display (History -> Browse Versions) of foo_3.java from the prod3000_itr stream.
Note: For the discussions below, it is critical to have a firm understanding of the AccuRev Glossary terms workspace stream and workspace tree:
workspace stream
The private stream that is built into a workspace. All new versions of elements are originally created in workspaces; AccuRev records these versions in workspace streams.
workspace tree
The ordinary directory tree, located in the user’s disk storage, in which the user performs development tasks and executes AccuRev commands.

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