1. Configuring the AccuRev® Web Interface

1. Configuring the AccuRev®
Web Interface
This chapter describes security, session, and access settings you can use to configure the AccuRev® Web Interface (Web UI).
Like other client/server applications, AccuRev takes advantage of two layers of security – the organization’s network security measures, and AccuRev’s own security settings.
Network and application security measures are typical for applications accessing data within an organization’s LAN, or over a VPN or similar secure connection, but Web applications, like the AccuRev Web Interface, present a unique set of security issues common to applications accessing data directly over the Internet.
At a minimum, we recommend you take the following measures to secure your use of the Web UI:
Setting Login Security
AccuRev recommends that you implement user name and password strength checking for users logging in to the AccuRev Server using the Web UI. Using the wui_config.xml configuration file, you can specify the following for both user name and password:
Note: AccuRev uses a single user/password combination for all interfaces, so any password change made to conform to WebUI security parameters specified in the wui_config.xml also affects your password for the AccuRev GUI and the CLI.
To change Web UI login settings:
Navigate to the .accurev subdirectory under the home directory of the user running Tomcat:
(Windows users) C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>, or C:\Users\<user name>,
for example
(Linux users) The user’s login directory
Check the .accurev subdirectory for a customized version of wui_config.xml. If there is no file by that name, copy <CATALINA_HOME>\webapps\accurev\wui_config.xml, where <CATALINA_HOME> is the Tomcat installation directory, to the .accurev subdirectory.
Edit the <security> element to conform to your site’s security requirements.
<userName minLength = "0" minDigitCount = "0" minLetterCount = "0"/>
<password minLength = "0" minDigitCount = "0" minLetterCount = "0"/>
Save the wui_config.xml file.

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