2. Testing the AccuRev® Web Interface Installation

2. Testing the AccuRev® Web
Interface Installation
This chapter describes how to test the AccuRev® Web Interface (Web UI) installation and how to troubleshoot issues that you might encounter.
Note: Throughout this chapter, <CATALINA_HOME> refers to the Tomcat installation directory.
Testing the Web UI Installation
Use the following simple procedure to test the Web UI installation. You should test the installation before making the Web UI available to your end users. (See Chapter 4 Setting Up End Users for more information about notifying end users.)
To test that the AccuRev Web UI installation is functioning correctly:
To do this, open a browser and navigate to the URL used to access the Web UI
http://<tomcat_server_host>:8080/accurev, for example).
If the installation was successful, a dialog box prompting you to log in to the AccuRev Server should appear. If it does not, use the following sections, Troubleshooting Tomcat Issues and Troubleshooting Web UI Issues, to resolve any issues.

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