Transfer Client Requirements

The Reflection Transfer Client is a Java applet that runs in a web browser. Client workstations must meet the following requirements.

  • Users must be running one of the following supported browsers. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11 or later, Windows only)

      NOTE:To use the Transfer Client using Internet Explorer running on Windows Server, disable Internet Explorer enhanced security (IE ESC) for administrators and users.

    • Mozilla Firefox (current versions)

  • Java must be installed.

    • Users who don't have Java installed will see a message with information about how to download Java when they first try to connect. Java is available free of charge from the Java website.

Connections from other Secure Shell Clients

Using the Reflection Transfer Client to access Transfer Sites is not a requirement. Reflection Gateway users can also use the Reflection for Secure IT Secure Shell client, the Reflection FTP Client configured for SFTP transfer, or any other SFTP-enabled SSH client.