Deploy Sessions Saved to the Management Server

After you have saved sessions to the Management and Security Server, you can make these sessions available to users who have InfoConnect installed on their workstation. Two options are available: users can obtain sessions by launching a Workspace that is configured for Centralized management, or you can provide web links for users to download and launch sessions.

Before you begin

To deploy Management Server sessions using Centralized Management

Centralized Management must be configured in the user’s Workspace. To do this:

  1. Open the Workspace Settings dialog box.

  2. Under Workspace Settings, click Configure Centralized Management.

  3. Select Enable Centralized Management and specify the Server URL. You can use the Test Connection button to confirm that the server is running and available

The steps above can be done manually after the installation, or you can include this configuration by deploying customized Workspace settings. (See Deploying Workspace Settings.)

Once Centralized Management has been configured, each time the user opens the Workspace:

  • InfoConnect contacts the server and prompts for user credentials (if required by the server).

  • New or updates sessions that are available to the user are downloaded to the user data directory.

  • For any session that requires path configuration, a session-specific database is downloaded to the user data directory. Path information in this database is added to the InfoConnect database when the user launches the downloaded session.

Users can now launch these sessions the same way they launch locally created sessions.

To deploy Management Server sessions using a web browser

NOTE:To access sessions using a web browser, users must have Java installed and enabled in the browser.

  1. Point users to a URL to access sessions. The URL can be either of the following:

    • The server URL (for example http://myserver/mss).

      With this options, users log in with their credentials, then see a links list showing all sessions available to them. When they open a session on the list, the InfoConnect Workspace starts and opens the selected session.

    • A direct link to the session. (for example http://myserver/mss/

      With this option, users are prompted for required credentials when they click the link. The InfoConnect Workspace then starts and opens the session.