Configure Sessions to use ID Manager to Assign Terminal IDs

From InfoConnect, you can establish host connections using the ID Manager, provided by Management and Security Server

The ID Manager configures and monitors a pool of resource IDs that can be used to establish a host session. Resource IDs work in place of the required address or identifier for a particular terminal type. This eliminates the need to configure a terminal ID (GPID or LU) for each and every client. You can use ID Manager with 3270, 5250, UTS, ALC and T27 terminal emulation sessions.

When a session is configured to use ID Manager, InfoConnect obtains an ID before the session connects and then holds on to the ID throughout the session. When the session disconnects, the ID is returned to its pool. A different ID may be used the next time the session connects.


  • A Micro Focus Management and Security Server, with a Terminal ID Manager configured.

  • You need to know the complete URL for the ID Manager server. For example, https://servername:port/tidm. If you use the default port for http (80) or https (443), the colon and port number are not required.

  • You need to know the parameters that the ID Manager requires to allocate an ID (for example the pool name).

To use the Path Wizard to configure ID Management

  1. From the InfoConnect Workspace, open the Create New Document dialog box.

  2. Select an ALC, UTS, or T27 terminal template and click Create.

  3. Click Create Path.

  4. When the Use ID Management check box appears in the Path Wizard, select it and continue.

  5. On the following page, select Use Reflection ID Management Server and in the Reflection ID Management Server URL box, enter the URL for the ID Manager server.

  6. Click Next to continue.

  7. Under Obtain ID using, select the options that are required by the ID Manager to allocate an ID, such as pool name. (Options that aren't supported by InfoConnect are unavailable.)

  8. Click OK and complete the session creation.

To use the Database Editor or InfoConnect Manager to configure ID Management

  1. Open the path configuration dialog box for any of the following Unisys and Airlines transports:


    • T27 (TCPA)

    • UTS (INT-1 or MATIP)

  2. Select the Use ID Management check box and click Configure ID Management.

To configure ID Management for connections to IBM hosts

  1. Open a 3270 or 5250 terminal session.

  2. Open the Document Settings dialog box.

  3. Under Host Connection, click Set Up ID Management.