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Micro Focus Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication is a separate Micro Focus product that offers biometric and multi-factor authentication for several Micro Focus products, including Management and Security Server.

To use Micro Focus Advanced Authentication with Management and Security Server, you must have a license for Host Access Management and Security Server - Advanced Authentication Add-On.

Configuring Advanced Authentication

To activate and set up Advanced Authentication, complete the preliminary tasks prior to configuring the Advanced Authentication server to trust the Management and Security Server.

Preliminary Tasks

Configuring Advanced Authentication in Management and Security Server

Preliminary Tasks

  1. Install Micro Focus Advanced Authentication Server, and note the

    • server name (or IP address)

    • server's port number.

  2. Place the file containing the server's certificate in the \MSSData\certificates folder on the Management and Security Server. Such as, C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData\certificates

  3. After you obtain the license for Host Access Management and Security Server - Advanced Authentication Add-On, download the activation file, named activation.advanced_authentication-<version>.jaw, from the product download page.

  4. Install the activation file.

    1. Open the Administrative WebStation:


      Note: In the URL for your product, replace /adminconsole with /mss/Admin.html

    2. Log in.

    3. In the Administrative WebStation, click Resources > About Management and Security Server.

    4. Beneath the list of Installed products, click Browse. Browse to and open the file you downloaded: activation.advanced_authentication-<version>.jaw Verify that the file name appears next to the Browse button.

    5. Click Install. The activation file is then displayed in the list of Installed products.

  5. Return to the Admin Console, and continue with step 6 to establish trust.

    Configuring Advanced Authentication in Management and Security Server

    Continue with these steps to establish trust between the Advanced Authentication Server and the Management and Security Server.

  6. In Management and Security Server, open Access Control Setup.

  7. Select Micro Focus Advanced the authentication method.

    Note that LDAP is selected as the Authorization method.

  8. Import the Advanced Authentication Server’s certificate:

    1. Be sure the file containing the server’s certificate is in the \MSSData\certificates folder on the administrative server. Such as,

      C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData\certificates

    2. Enter the server name (or IP address).

      Note: Micro Focus Advanced Authentication uses HTTPS. When a server URL is entered, the server name field is prepended with https://. To enter a server URL, simply enter the URL without a protocol, such as <myserver>.<mycompany>.com.

    3. Enter the server’s port number (also noted in step 1).

    4. Click Import Certificate. A message displays to confirm whether the server is trusted.

      NOTE:To be available for import, a certificate must have been sent by the Advanced Authentication server.

      If you are presented with multiple certificates to import, it is best to choose the CA certificate.

  9. Click Test Connection to verify the connection between the Advanced Authentication server and Management and Security Server.

    If the test connection is not successful, troubleshoot the error as follows:

    • Specify a server.

      Enter your Advanced Authentication server name.

    • Specify a port.

      Enter the port number of your Advanced Authentication server

    • The Advanced Authentication Server's certificate needs to be added to the Administrative Server's trust store.

      See step 2 above.

    • Failed to connect to server. See trace.0.log for more information.

      Verify that the server name and port number entries are correct.

      By default, trace.0.log is located in \ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData\log. To view the trace log file, use the LogViewer utility. For more information about the LogViewer utility, see Technical Note 2687.

Configuring Advanced Authentication Methods

Refer to the Advanced Authentication documentation to configure Advanced Authentication methods, such as Voice.