Host Access Management and Security Server - Release Notes

December 2019

Management and Security Server (MSS) version 12.6.2 released with Host Access for the Cloud 2.4.2.

What’s New

  • SAML assertions must be signed

    Beginning with MSS version 12.6.2, explicit signing of SAML assertions is required. (In earlier versions, SAML assertions did not need to be signed.)

    If SAML authentication fails after upgrading to 12.6.2, be sure your Identity Provider is configured to sign its assertions.

  • Released with Host Access for the Cloud version 2.4.2


All releases are cumulative, and contain the features introduced in earlier releases.

  • Metering is capable of high availability in a clustered MSS deployment. (12.6)

  • Metering is always installed with Management and Security Server.(12.6)

  • Redesigned Terminal ID Manager Console. (12.6)

  • Added the ability to configure multiple DCAS servers for use with Automated Sign-on for Mainframe. (12.6)

  • Management and Security Server is installed using the automated installer for 64-bit systems on Linux, UNIX, or Windows. (12.6)


  • Management and Security Server requires 3.40 GHz (4 cores) and 8 GB of RAM to run efficiently.

Known Issues

With MSS integrated with IIS, you many encounter the following error: HTTP upgrade is not supported by this protocol in the MSS container.log file when accessing the Administrative Console. To remedy this:

  • Open \MSS\server\web\webapps\adminconsole\WEB-INF\web.xml and remove the following section:

  • Restart the MSS server.


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