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Host Access Management and Security Server - Release Notes

June 2019

Management and Security Server (MSS) version 12.6 released June 2019.

See What’s New since version 12.5.

What’s New

Management and Security Server version 12.6 includes these features — new since 12.5.

  • Metering is capable of high availability in a clustered MSS deployment.

    A minimum of three MSS servers is required to replicate the metering license data, which is backed by a database.

  • Metering is always installed with Management and Security Server.

    The check box in the Initial Configuration Utility and the Configuration Update Utility was removed.

  • Redesigned Terminal ID Manager Console.

    The new interface offers improved performance when managing very large ID pools (more than 1000 IDs in a pool), and it allows pool information to be downloaded as a CSV file.

    A separate Terminal ID Manager Guide is available.

  • Added the ability to configure multiple DCAS servers for use with Automated Sign-on for Mainframe.

  • Management and Security Server is installed using the automated installer for 64-bit systems on Linux, UNIX, or Windows. The manual installation files were removed.

    If you cannot use an automated installer, contact Support.

  • Updated Open JDK to Azul Zulu 8u212.

  • Updated Tomcat to 9.0.19.


  • The Metering Server and the Terminal ID Manager are no longer available as a deployable war files that can live on WebSphere or external Tomcat.

  • Management and Security Server requires 3.40 GHz (4 cores) and 8 GB of RAM to run efficiently. While previous versions may have run successfully on less, we recommend you allot 8 GB of RAM for a successful installation.