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Running the Security Proxy

The security proxy server enables encrypted connections from terminal client sessions.

Automated install

If you use the Windows automated installer, the Windows service for the Security Proxy Server starts automatically when installation is complete. You can start or stop the service by going to Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, and selecting Micro Focus MSS Security Proxy.

For UNIX and Linux platforms, you can start and stop the service using the method that is appropriate to your platform. Use -start and -stop parameters for the security proxy.

If you used the automated installer, a link to the services is created in this location.


Manual install

After you create a file for the proxy server computer (which can be created by using the Security Proxy Server Wizard), run MssSecurityProxy.exe (Windows) or MssSecurityProxy (UNIX and Linux) to start the servlet runner. It is located in [MssServerInstall]\securityproxy\bin (Windows) or [MssServerInstall]/securityproxy/bin (Linux).


  1. MssSecurityProxy -install. This command installs MSS Server as a Windows service.

  2. MssSecurityProxy -start


  1. Use the daemon appropriate to your platform for installing or uninstalling the servlet runner as a service.

  2. msssecurityproxy -start

All the available parameters for MssSecurityProxy.exe and securityproxy are identical to the Administrative Server's servlet runner.