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Terminal ID Manager

After you purchase the add-on license for Terminal ID Manager, you have several installation options:

  • Run the automated installer with the Terminal ID Manager Add-On file located in the same directory as the installer.

  • Copy the Terminal ID Manager activation file to the Terminal ID Manager server, “[tidm context name]\WEB-INF\lib\modules”, and then restart the Terminal ID Manager application.

If. you use Management and Security Server’s automated installer to add Terminal ID Manager, a self-contained JRE and servlet runner are installed for you

Configure the Terminal ID Manager settings in the Terminal ID Manager console and in the Administrative WebStation. See Setting Up Terminal ID Manager for more information.

NOTE:After installation, two Terminal ID Manager console options appear from the Start menu installation path:

  • Terminal ID Management Administration – opens with the Server Settings tab selected.

  • Terminal ID Management Monitoring – opens with the Monitor IDs tab selected.

The Terminal ID Manager component requires some additional setup before you can deploy terminal sessions that use a Terminal ID Manager connection ID. Before you begin setting up ID management for client sessions, the Terminal ID Manager component must be installed as described in Installing Management and Security Server.

Terminal ID Manager can run on any supported web server with a servlet runner using Java 7 or later JRE. It is recommended, however, that you use the servlet runner that is installed when you use the automated installer or that is available in the multi-component file for manual installation.

If you have a different servlet runner already installed, follow your servlet runner's instructions for installing new Java servlets.