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Manual Installation Procedures

Use the compressed archive files to manually install any needed components for your platform (located in the install_manual/components directory) if any of the following is true:

  • You want to use a servlet runner other than Tomcat, which is automatically installed with the product.

  • You are installing on a platform for which an automated installer is not supported.

  • You cannot run the automated installer for any other reason.

You have several options for manual installation:

  • Manually Installing a Multi-Component Archive File

    If you can use Tomcat as the servlet runner, use a multi-component archive file that is appropriate for your platform.

  • Manually Installing Components on Other UNIX Platforms

    You can use a multi-component archive file that requires a version of the Java runtime environment other than the one provided by the installer.

  • Manually Installing Individual Components

    Archive files for installing individual components are provided for installing on systems with a non-Tomcat servlet runner.

Extracting Files

How to extract archive file contents

To install a component manually, use the appropriate tool (for example, WinZip) to extract the contents. If you have the Java jar tool (part of the JDK) on the computer where you are installing the component, you can use the following jar command to extract the contents:

jar xf <archive file name>

Using FTP

If you are extracting the contents of an archive file to your local machine and then transferring the files to a server using FTP, make sure your FTP utility preserves the capitalization of the file names. Otherwise, Management and Security Server components may not function correctly.