Reflection Desktop Deployment Guide

  Reflection Desktop Deployment Guide
    Design and Prepare for Deployment
      Best Practices for Planning a Reflection Deployment
      System Requirements
      Setting up the Reflection Administrative Tools
      Determining Customization Requirements
    Create and Customize Sessions
      Create and Customize Session Documents
      Walkthrough: Set up and Customize a Session
      Create SSL/TLS or SSH Session Documents
      Set up Session Templates
      Configure Reflection for PKI Auto Sign-on
    Protect Data and Information Privacy
      Add Trusted Locations
      Configure Information Privacy
      Configure API and Macro Security
    Customize the Reflection Workspace
      Configure Workspace Behavior and Appearance
      Walkthrough: Customize Reflection Appearance and Behavior
      Control Access to Settings and Controls
      Control Access to Settings and Controls with Reflection Administrative Tools
      Walkthrough: Restrict Access to Settings and Controls
      Control Access to Settings and Controls with Microsoft Group Policy
    Package Configuration Files
      Package Sessions and Custom Settings Files
      Walkthrough: Create a Package with the Installation Customization Tool
      Customized Files and Where to Deploy Them
    Modify the Installation
      Create or Modify a Transform
      Walkthrough: Create a Transform
      Apply a Transform to Your Installation
    Deploy Reflection
      Deploy with the Reflection Setup program
      Deploy with MSI
      Publish with Active Directory
      Deploy with System Center Configuration Manager
      Distribute Software Updates
      Remove an Installation
      Repair an Installation
    Using a Centralized Management Server
      Create and Deploy Sessions and Settings with the Administrative WebStation
        Create or Modify a Centrally Managed Session
        Make Centrally Managed Sessions Available to Users
        Use Central Management to Deploy MSI Packages
        Enable Certificate Management for IBM Terminals
      Enable Usage Metering
      Connect to Hosts using the Security Proxy Add-On
      Set Up Terminal ID Management for Reflection Desktop Sessions
      Set up an Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Session
    Copyrights and Notices