Reflection Desktop Deployment Guide

This guide shows how to prepare for your Reflection Desktop deployment.

To get started with deployment and find answers to frequently asked questions, see Getting Started with Reflection Desktop Deployment.

This guide includes information for each part of your deployment process.

These articles

Show how to

Design and Prepare for Deployment

Follow best practices to plan your deployment.

Determine whether you need to customize Reflection or modify how it is installed and make sure you meet systems requirements.

Review the administrative tools and set up a system for customization, testing, and deployment.

Create and Customize Sessions

Create and customize session document files that you can deploy to users.

Protect Data and Information Privacy

Set up Reflection to add trusted locations, redact sensitive data (such as credit cared numbers), and control access to the Reflection API.

Customize Reflection

Customize Reflection to change the appearance and basic functionality of the main Reflection window and to control access to controls and settings.

Package Configuration Files

Create an MSI package to install custom files you created when you customized the Reflection sessions or the Reflection workspace.

Modify the Installation

Create a transform (MST file) to customize how Reflection is installed on user workstations.

Deploy Reflection

Deploy Reflection, session document files, and other configuration files. Instructions are included for using the Reflection setup.exe program and deploying directly with MSI as well as deploying with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.


Set up and centrally manage sessions on the Management and Security Server.