Manage QuickPads Dialog Box

QuickPads contain buttons and other controls that can be used to access macros, host functions, commands, or other actions that are available within a terminal session. You can display one or more QuickPads in a session.

To add a QuickPad or toolbar to your session

  • Click Select QuickPads, select a QuickPad file, and then click OK.

    The QuickPad is displayed in the existing session and the session document is set to display the QuickPad in new sessions.


  • If the QuickPad is closed during the session, it is not displayed in new sessions.

  • Legacy toolbars are imported as QuickPads that open in a QuickPad window docked on the top of the session window.


Select QuickPads

Opens the QuickPads Selection dialog box which displays the list of QuickPads that are available for the session. This list includes all of the QuickPad .rqpx files created in Reflection. It also includes all of the QuickPad (.eqp) files and toolbar (.etb) files in the EXTRA!\Schemes directory and in the Default Legacy EXTRA! directory specified in the Configure Workspace Attributes Dialog Box (the default path is: Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\).

Modify QuickPads

Opens the QuickPad Selection dialog box that you can use to select a QuickPad file to edit.

Create a new QuickPad

Opens the QuickPad Designer that you can use to create new QuickPads. Using the Designer, you can add buttons and other controls to your QuickPad, arrange them as needed, and map each control to an action.