Specify Trusted Locations Dialog Box

A trusted location is a directory that's designated as a secure source for opening files. By default, Reflection allows you to open documents only in directories specified as trusted locations in the Reflection settings.

During installation Reflection specifies three trusted locations on your local hard disk. The paths for these trusted locations cannot be modified or deleted. However, you can add your own trusted locations to the list.

Trusted Locations

Open files only from trusted locations (recommended)

When selected, Reflection prompts you to save files to trusted locations.


The complete path for the trusted location. You can change, edit, or delete any trusted locations you add.


Trust all folders located within the trusted location.


When a path is selected, you can add text that will be associated with the trusted location.

Add New Location

Creates another box in the list for you to add the path for a new trusted location.

Allow trusted locations on my network (not recommended)

Select to add a network path to the list of trusted locations.