Step 3. Install the Reflection for the Web activation file.

The Reflection for the Web activation file is required for Management and Security Server to interact with Reflection for the Web on a different machine.

To install the activation file:

  1. Open Management and Security Server > Administrative WebStation > Resources > About Management and Security Server.

  2. Browse* to the location where you downloaded the Reflection for the Web media. The activation file has this format:


  3. Select the file and click Install.

  4. Refresh or restart your browser. The Reflection for the Web features appear in the Administrative WebStation:

    • The About box displays your Reflection for the Web edition.

    • Session Manager enables Web-based sessions.

    • References > Advanced provides scripting and code samples.

* Or, download the activation file from the site where you downloaded Reflection for the Web, and then Browse to that location.