1.0 Welcome to Fusion in the ArcSight Platform

ArcSight Platform (the Platform) enables you to deploy a combination of security, user, and entity solutions into a single Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) environment. Fusion provides the common elements needed for the products deployed in the Platform environment: user management, the Dashboard, and other core services. You can add users and groups, as well as manage their roles and permissions. The Dashboard enables you to visualize, identify, and analyze potential threats by incorporating intelligence from the multiple layers of security sources that might be installed in your security environment:

  • Real-time event monitoring and correlation with data from ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

  • Analyzing end-user behavior with ArcSight Interset SE

  • Performing deep-dive investigations with ArcSight Recon

To help you get started, Fusion provides a set of out-of-the-box widgets and dashboards. Users can organize the widgets into personalized dashboards.

For more information about deploying, configuring, and maintaining this product, see the Administrator’s or Deployment Guide for your product solution or the documentation for ArcSight Platform.