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The INFO Option Getting Started Guide

The ChangeMan ZMF INFO Option Getting Started Guide describes three methods by which ChangeMan® ZMF can interface with other user applications:

  • VSAM File Interface

    This option was new in ChangeMan ZMF Version 5.5. It enables ChangeMan ZMF to communicate with any user application. Communication between ChangeMan ZMF and the user application is enabled solely through the records in a VSAM Interface File.

  • INFO Option

    This option was introduced in ChangeMan ZMF Version 3.3.2. It enables ChangeMan ZMF and Tivoli® Information Management for z/OS to communicate with each other and share information. Communication is enabled through the Tivoli Information Management Application Program Interface (API). The INFO subtask of ChangeMan ZMF connects directly to the Tivoli Information Management API and must have access to the Tivoli Information Management load library where the API resides.

  • INFO Interface using An HTTP SOAP Call System

    It enables ChangeMan ZMF

All three methods are described in this guide because all three methods are available if you license the INFO Option with ChangeMan ZMF. Also, the procedure for applying the INFO Option license enables you to use these methods.

Although the three methods have some terminology in common and the licensing is the same for each method, you should think of them as three completely separate capabilities. The procedures for implementing each method are different. If you are familiar with the older INFO Option, we recommend that you avoid applying the principles and methodologies of this option to understanding and using the VSAM File Interface, and similarly to the HTTP SOAP Call System.

Before You Begin

See the ReadMe file for the latest updates and corrections to this manual.


This publication is intended for:

  • ChangeMan ZMF system administrators responsible for installing, administering, and managing the change management system and setting up communication between ChangeMan ZMF and other user applications.

  • Developers and administrators of the user applications that communicate with ChangeMan ZMF through the VSAM File Interface or the INFO Option.

This book contains the following parts: