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The Web Services Getting Started Guide

This guide provides installation and quickstart programming guidance for the Web Services API to functions and facilities of ChangeMan ZMF. More general aspects of Web Services technology, tools, or implementation are not addressed.


This document discusses the ChangeMan ZMF Web Services API only. See the documentation provided with your particular Web Services application server for information about installing and configuring that server.

This guide is intended for software developers, systems engineers, and test engineers who will install, develop, and test Web Services applications that access the functions of ChangeMan ZMF. Familiarity with the features of ChangeMan ZMF and its XML Services API are assumed. Familiarity with open-source Web Services tools and technologies is also assumed.

The ChangeMan ZMF Web Services Application Program Interface (API) is designed for customers who want to develop their own intranet, extranet, or Internet client applications for ChangeMan ZMF in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

Because the Web Services API is built on the ChangeMan ZMF XML Services, Web clients have programmatic access to the full range of ZMF functionality. Because access is enabled through the industry-standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messaging protocol over the HTTP transport protocol, client applications can be developed in any programming language that supports these standards, including Java and C++ for open-source clients and .NET and C# for Windows clients.

ChangeMan ZMF services are described with the Web Service Description Language (WSDL), so you can take advantage of the many development tools that enable rapid development of Web client applications from WSDL specifications.

Web-enabled ZMF integration products, such as ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse, are not required in order to use the ZMF Web Services API.