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The XML Services User Guide

The XML Services User’s Guide documents the most commonly used features of the XML Services application programming interface (API) to ChangeMan® ZMF. Tutorials, code examples, use cases, and tips and techniques for applications supplement detailed data structure tables covering 162 functions available for general customer use.

Services used with the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) are not described in this guide but are listed for reference in ERO XML Services Summary. Refer to the ChangeMan ZMF ERO XML Services User’s Guide for information on using these services.

After reading this guide, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the software architecture that underlies ChangeMan ZMF XML Services.

  • Create a well-formed XML document that complies with Serena XML syntax.

  • Use the Serena XML markup language to build reusable XML documents that invoke functions and retrieve data from ChangeMan ZMF.

  • Use the XML batch execution client to issue Serena XML service requests to ChangeMan ZMF and receive Serena XML replies.

  • Experiment with the XMLSERV interactive prototyping tool to learn Serena XML syntax, generate prototype request messages, and browse Serena XML replies.

Software Versions

This guide discusses Serena Software’s XML Services as implemented in ChangeMan ZMF version 8.1 (GA) and ChangeMan ZDD 8.1 (GA) and later.


This guide targets experienced ChangeMan ZMF programmers, multi-platform systems integrators, and ChangeMan ZMF administrators.

You should be familiar with your mainframe operating system and security system, and you should understand the operation and administration of ChangeMan ZMF. Some familiarity with basic XML syntax and schemas is helpful. Familiarity with PCs is assumed.


The XML Services features described in this guide are limited to services and functions available for general customer use. These are sometimes called the “Green” services. “Green” functions address package and component lifecycle management, complex searches and queries, data set management functions, change library management functions, and detailed information retrieval from the ChangeMan ZMF database.

Additional services and functions exist to support advanced systems integration needs. The latter features are known as the “Yellow” services because they pose some risk of database corruption and should be used with caution. These are documented in quick-reference form for customers who attend advanced training in XML Services. This information is available from Serena Customer Support.