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Data Source Properties Page

Getting There

From the data sources page, select a data source select Properties from the Settings button drop-down after selecting the data source in the data sources view, or by selecting the Properties icon next to the desired data source.

The customizable properties for a data source are organized in the following sections:

Basic Properties

Properties in this group can only be Enabled or Disabled. Use the slider to enable or disable the data source. When the data source is disabled the service will not launch process and clone commands for disabled data sources. A data source is disabled when the Client receives an unrecoverable error, or, after the retry count for error recovery reaches its maximum value (normally 3).

Client Properties

There are two properties in this group, Source ID and Table Name prefix.

Source ID

This property is the value of the data_source_id column in the DATASOURCES Client control table. This property allows you to provide a numeric identifier to distinguish records that belong to a particular data source from other records in a multi-source environment. This value is used to populate the user columns Data Source ID or Data Source ID key which need to be added to all data sets. See User Columns.

Table Name prefix

This property is the value of the tab_name_prefix column in the DATASOURCES Client control table. It holds an optional one- to eight-character prefix which is added to all table names in the data source. This prefix, which must be entered, allows you to distinguish between identically named data sets in multiple data sources, without having the Define, Redefine and Customize commands rename tables to eliminate name conflicts. The configuration file parameter use_column_prefixes extends this prefix to all column names.

Server Properties

The two properties in this group are the Host domain name or IP address and the host Port. Change these properties to switch between using Enterprise Server and DBServer on the MCP, when the Enterprise Server data source is identical to the one on DBServer. These values are initially set in the Add > New command in the data sources view for a Client Manager.