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Processing - Error Recovery

This page contains the values for error recovery parameters for the data source in the Client Manager service's configuration file.

Configuration file parameters are included below with the following_font.


Maximum retries

Parameter: max_retries

Specifies the number of times the service tries to run a process command that terminates with a recoverable error exit status. If the exit status indicates that the Databridge Server is inaccessible or that the relational database is down, this parameter is ignored and the service retries with longer intervals until the interval reaches five minutes, after which it retries every 5 minutes.

Minimum wait (in seconds)

Parameter: sched_min_wait

Specifies the minimum delay (in seconds) before a process command is attempted after a run terminates. It is designed to inject a delay between runs when a process command run terminates a few seconds before the next scheduled process command's launch time. This parameter is not shown in the Client Manager service's export file when its value is 0.

Retry interval (in seconds)

Parameter: sched_retry_secs

Specifies the interval (in seconds) between attempts by the service to launch the next process command when a process command terminates with a recoverable exit code.

Disable data source conditions

Parameter: disable_on_exitcode

Specifies a set of DBClient exit statuses that cause the service to disable the data source. For example, if you use STOP AFTER TASK xxx to detect the end of the banking day, you can make the Client disable the data source to prevent any further client activity when this run is detected in the audit trail. This allows you to run a program to create the end of day banking reports, while the relational database is frozen. When the report software finishes, you can enable the data source and resume change tracking.

The three conditions in question are Stop task name reached, which corresponds to the example above, Stop time reached which happens when you use STOP AFTER TIME xxx, and Audit file number reached, which happens when you set the Client to stop after a given audit file is processed.