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Set and Change the Console Password

Use this option to change the password for a batch console user ID. For Administrative Console users, the authentication occurs between the browser and the Administrative Console server where the browser user needs to first be authenticated using either LDAP or Simple Authentication. Administrative Console users do not need a password to get granted access to the Client Manager service. However, batch console users still use the same authentication method as the 6.6 console users. If you are using the bconsole utility in scripts that are not launched by the service, you need to supply a password along with the userid to gain access to the Client Manager service.

This option allows the Administrative Console administrator to set the password for a userid that will be used by the bconsole program. The same userid can be used by an Administrative Console and bconsole users, as the Client Manager detects the type of console connection that was established.

The service manages user IDs and passwords in the service configuration file (dbcontrol.cfg). By updating the service configuration file using the Administrative Console, the administrator can allow a batch console user access to the service. Before setting the bconsole password, you must first create the batch console userid. If the same userid is used by an Administrative Console and bconsole user, this will have no effect on the bconsole user, as the permission bits are meaningless in the batch console, which has no UI. The bconsole utility is typically used to make the service launch Client runs.

To change the password

  • In the Client Manager page, select Actions > Set bconsole Password.

    Complete the New Password and Verify Password and select OK.

The password is encoded and saved in the service configuration file (dbcontrol.cfg).