List of Data Elements

The column names listed in the List of Data Elements tab are:

Note: A list of available values for the Type column is provided in the following table:
Symbol Type Database(s)
1 Bit MVS file type, ODBC-enabled*
A Alphanumeric MVS file type
B Binary MVS file type
C Combined MVS file type
D RowID Oracle
E Edited Field MVS file type
F Float MVS file type, Oracle, ODBC-enabled*
G Long Oracle
H Char Oracle, ODBC-enabled*
I Integer ODBC-enabled*
K CLOB Oracle
L Date MVS file type
M Money ODBC-enabled*
N Numeric MVS file type, ODBC-enabled*
O BLOB Oracle
P Packed MVS file type
R Raw Oracle
S BigInt ODBC-enabled*
T Time MVS file type
U Number Oracle
V Varchar Oracle, ODBC-enabled*
W Varchar2 Oracle
X Text ODBC-enabled*
Z Timestamp MVS file type, Oracle, ODBC-enabled*
b VarBinary ODBC-enabled*
d Decimal ODBC-enabled*
e XML ODBC-enabled*
f BFile Oracle
g Image ODBC-enabled*
i TinyInt ODBC-enabled*
l DateTime ODBC-enabled*
m SmallMoney ODBC-enabled*
r Real ODBC-enabled*
s SmallInt ODBC-enabled*
t SmallDateTime ODBC-enabled*
u UniqueIdentifier ODBC-enabled*
w Long Raw Oracle
x Text ODBC-enabled*
*For the ODBC-enabled database, the contents of the Type column reflect the data name reported by the ODBC driver.