Data Store Data Changer Job Creation

The Data Store Data Changer job executes a process to create a JCL that will execute data changing associated with a business protection (masking) procedure. The migration function modifies and transfers the content of an input sequential file into an output sequential file.

To create a Data Store Data Changer job:

  1. From the Work with Jobs window, press the New button. The Work with Jobs window lets you insert parameters for the new job.
  2. In the List of Jobs section, select Data Store Data Changer.
  3. In the General section, select the appropriate Machine ID and Company name.
  4. In the Data Store Qualification section, specify values for the following fields:
    • Application ID – The application ID, if applicable.
    • DB2 Owner, DL/I DBD – The owner of DB2 or DL/I DBD data store where data will be masked.
    • Data Store type – Type of data store. For example, DB2, VSAM, DL/I, GDG, SEQ, ODBC, or ORA.
    • Data store name – The name of the data store where data will be masked.
    • Data store version – The version number if the data store is GDG.
    • Record format – Name of the record format.
  5. Press Apply to submit the job.