A.3. Interface Description

Field Type Meaning
UR-ACTION Input Type of operation (see Values of UR-ACTION table).
UR-FILE-NAME Unused For future use.
UR-RECORD Input-Output The first 32,760 bytes (left-aligned and padded with spaces) of the read record, in the same format as a sequential unload.
UR-INP-VAL Input The field to be masked.
UR-POS Input The position of the field to be masked, in the file layout.
UR-LEN Input The length of the field to be masked.
UR-TYPE Input The type of the field to be masked. Options are: A - Alphanumeric P - Packed N - Numeric zoned B - Binary
UR-INT Input The integer number of the field to be masked.
UR-DEC Input The decimal number of the field to be masked.
UR-SIGN Input The sign of the field to be masked. Options are: Y - Signed N - Unsigned space - Non-numeric field
UR-NULL Input The null-capability of the field to be masked. Options are: Y - Null capable space - Not null capable
UR-VARCHAR Input The variable length property of the field to be masked. Options are: Y - Variable length space - Not variable length
UR-INULL-VAL Input If a column accepts NULL values and it is actually NULL, then the UR-INULL-VAL field is set to "o" (6f), if it is different than NULL, the UR-INULL-VAL is blank " ". The "?" sign means that the column is NULLABLE and the value is NULL. If a column accepts NULL values, then after it is set in the UR-RECORD, we add a byte with the "?".
UR-OTHER-FIELDS-NBR Unused For future use.
UR-OTHER-FIELDS Unused Source encoding type in its UR-P-FILE-NAME field
UR-OUT-VAL Output The value of the masked field, if UR-OUT-TYPE is equal to F .
UR-OUT-FLDTYPE Unused For future use.
UR-OUT-FLDLEN Output Output length of the masked value.

Data Express for z/OS initializes this field value to the actual length of UR-INP-VAL, but you can explicitly set the value for UR-OUT-FLDLEN.

UR-FLDINT Unused For future use.
UR-FLDDEC Unused For future use.
UR-FLDSIGN Unused For future use.
UR-RETCODE Output Routine return code. Options are: space character(s) -masking routine works as expected. 01 or 02 - a problem was encountered and the JCL return code is set to 8. If the UR-RETCODE value is 01 or 02 and UR-OUT-TYPE is equal to F, the field is not masked.
UR-MSG-CODE Unused For future use.
UR-MSG-PARM Unused For future use.
UR-OUT-TYPE Output Flag describing the location of the processed value. Possible flags: F - The output value is in UR-OUT-VAL R - The change worked directly on UR-RECORD
UR-DESCR Unused For future use.