Work with Method Function

After the creation of the method, it can be edited in the "Work with method" function. The following list describes the capabilities of this function:

  1. Add or exclude a data store from the method.
  2. Change the output file.
  3. Modify the filter (reduction criterion) for a data store (or for all data stores with the same filter).
  4. Specify one or more output classes for a data store (if they are not generated during the initial method creation) using the same values for the pairs: (selection class, input filter) and (out class, output filter). In order for an output class to be used as an input class for another data store, during the processing of the data store (in a table of the Knowledge Base called ANENVLST) the values for the data element containing the output class are created.
    Note: In this example, two entries are generated for the same data store with all the same values except for the output class. During the extraction, all the entries for the same data store are processed together, and the class information is stored in the table ANENVLST for each output class.
  5. Specify one or more input classes (multiple filters) for a data store. In this case, an OR condition is implicitly generated by Data Express. (If you want to use an AND condition, you should create a combined data element and specify a single condition on the data element.)

See the chapter Work with Method Multiple Filters in the Data Subset Extraction Guide.