Associating a Class to a Data Element

In this exercise, you will be manually associating the NAME predefined class supplied with your installation with the column NAME in the table CUSTOMER.

Note: Similarly, if you performed the masking tutorial for DB2 data stores, then you already have the correct class associations for your data elements; you can skip the instructions in this section. If you have not performed the masking tutorial, then you cannot skip this section.
  1. In the [Work with Data Stores] window, ensure that the Machine ID node is expanded, and that DATAEXPRES is selected.
  2. In the List of Data Stores, select the row for the DELGT.CUSTOMER data store.
  3. Right-click and then select Work with Data Elements of the Selected Data Store.
    Note: If a message appears indicating that the default confirmation options have not been set, click Yes to set them. Click Apply, and then OK in the Options window.
    Note: You can also access the Work with Data Elements window by clicking or by accessing it through Environment > Work with Data Elements. However, if you choose to access the Work with Data Elements window directly, you may want to specify information in the fields above the List of Data Elements and then click Apply Filter.
  4. Click the Classes - Assignment tab.
    Note: This screen capture shows a filtered list based on Machine ID and Company Name.
  5. In the All Classes pane, expand the Privacy Super Class, and then select the class NAME.
  6. In the List of Data Elements, select the row for CUSTOMER.NAME. (That is, select the row for the data store CUSTOMER and the name NAME.)
    Note: If you are viewing all data stores, you could click the Data Store column to sort data elements by data store.
  7. Click the Assign Class button to assign the NAME class to CUSTOMER.NAME. NAME now appears in the Assigned Class column for CUSTOMER.NAME.
  8. Click the Close button to close the Work with Data Elements window.
  9. Leave Data Builder running, and continue to the next section.