Batch Distributed Exporter

In addition to invoking the Distributed Exporter directly from the Data Masking or Data Subset Extraction modules themselves, Data Express also provides a batch, command-line utility, dxeexport.


The dxeexport command exports the information required so that a successful masking/subsetting execution can occur when the dxestart command is executed.

dxeexport [path/]exportparms [path/]connfile
Parameters for dxeeport are valid for both Oracle and ODBC extensions.
Full path to the specified file; required when the file is not in the current directory.
The name of the file that contains export parameters. This must be a text (.txt) file. It identifies the group and methods to export from the knowledge base. The text in this file consists of the following items, each delimited by a comma:
  • Machine ID
  • Company
  • Group name
  • Method name
  • Step range
  • Test Run(Y,N)
  • Configuration file path (location of your configuration directory)
Note: *ALL is allowed at both the group and at the method level. When *ALL is used, subfolders for each method will be created in the destination directory.
The name of the file that contains encoded connections. This must be an .rc file. dxeexport uses this file to retrieve required information from the Data Express knowledge base. See Creating a Encoded Connection File for details.
From command line, enter:

dxeexport "C:\AA2\Export_Folder\exportparms" "C:\AA2\Export_Folder\connfile"

This command executes a batch export for the method described in exportparms.txt, using the Data Express knowledge base described in connfile.rc.

Assume that exportparms.txt contains one line as follows:

PRUEBA,PRUEBA,PG1,PM1,0010, 0100,N,C:\AA2\Export_Folder

With this example, the method PM1 of group PG1 on machine PRUEBA and company PRUEBA is exported, from step 10 to step 100, with test run set to No (so real extraction), and the resulting configuration files generated by the process are placed in folder config under C:\AA2\Export_Folder.

You can now run dxestart to mask and subset your data, specifying C:\AA2\Export_folder as the -d argument.