Loading Copybook Information into Your Mainframe Environment

Perform this procedure to map and load copybook information for your data store into the Knowledge Base. The information from the copybook will be mapped to your workspace.

Load copybook information into the Knowledge Base:

  1. 1. From Data Builder, open the Work with Jobs window by clicking Environment > Work with Jobs.
  2. 2. Click New.
  3. 3. In the List of Jobs, select the job BURLCPY (Load Copybook Information From External Interface).
  4. 4. Select the DATAEXPRES Machine ID you just created.
  5. 5. Specify DEMO as the name of your company code in the Company name box.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. 6. In the Sequential data store box, enter: URADAR.DEMOT.EXTCPY.
  8. 7. Click OK. The job appears in the List of Scheduled Jobs. The pause symbol indicates that the job is awaiting execution.
  9. 8. Continue to the next section.