Associated Copybook columns

The following list describes the columns listed by selecting the Associated Copybook node. The Associated Copybook node only applies to the Data Express for z/OS solution.
Machine ID
Identifier of the machine.
Name of the company.
Copybook name
Name of the copybook (associated/compatible)
Copy PDS
Partitioned data set of the copybook.
I/O Area Name
Name of the associated area within the copybook (equivalent to level 01 of COBOL copybooks or of PL/I includes).
I/O Area Progressive
Progressive area number. If greater than 0 (zero), indicates the existence of incongruent redefinitions of the area.
Deleted Flags
Logical deletion of the data store/copybook association
Record Length
Length of the record in bytes.
Number of Matches
Number of congruent bytes between the record layout of the data store and the format of the copybook.
Information Provider
Origin of the information; PGM is supplied by batch process, USR is supplied by user.
Associated Copy
An indicator of whether a copybook is associated with the data store (Yes, No).