ADABAS Restrictions

This section describes size restrictions for ADABAS data stores.

ADABAS Catalog Link

Data Express does not support a direct link to the ADABAS catalog . In order to mask or subset your data, you must first use the ADABAS FDT report to produce the output sequential file containing the structure definition of your ADABAS tables. Then, you must upload the decompressed files (that were created by the command ADACMP DECOMPRESS) that contain the content of your ADABAS tables.

For information about the ADABAS FDT report, see the chapter Load Sequential File with ADABAS FDT report in your Toolkit (z/OS) guide.

For information about the structure of the output sequential file, see the section ADABAS - API Load Sequential File in the chapter Sequential Files in the Data Model Guide.

Descriptors, Subdescriptors, and Superdescriptors

Descriptors are handled as normal fields, but subdescriptors cannot be handled. In order to mask or subset a subdescriptor, an exit routine that is associated to the field referenced by the subdescriptor is needed.

The superdescriptor clause in the FTD is not directly supported by Data Express. However, a superdescriptor can be handled if a combined data element is created in Data Builder that is composed of each field within that superdescriptor.

Target Environment Creation and Population Limitation

Sequential data sets that contain the output of the masking or subsetting process for ADABAS data stores are created by Data Express in the same way sequential data sets are created for other data store types. But, to populate your target environment, ADABAS utilities must be used as Data Express does not provide functionality that enables creation or population of your target environment.

Process Identifier Limitation

Data Express needs a specific Process Identifier in order to works properly with ADABAS data store.

We recommend using a pre-loaded Process Id ADAUN.

For information about the structure of the ADAUN Process Identifier, see the section Process Identifier and Databases Type Relationships in the chapter Getting Started with Data Builder in the Front End Guide.