Associating a Class to Data Elements

In this exercise you are associating the class SAMPCUS (which is associated to your sampling prototype) to other data elements with sampling data distributions similar to the prototype fingerprint.

The level of similarity between distributions depends on the thresholds you set when submitting the BURCLAR job. If the prototype and the fingerprint for a data element are deemed similar based on a calculated confidence value, the data element is also associated with the prototype class.

  1. 1. Open the Work with Jobs window (Environment > Work with Jobs) to schedule a new job.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the List of Jobs, select the job BURCLAR (Class Data Element Assignment).
  4. Select the DATAEXPRES Machine ID and the DEMO company name.
  5. Click Apply. When comparing the fingerprint for a data element to the prototype fingerprint, internal program confidence values are calculated to provide measurements that illustrates the similarities between the data distributions. The internal confidence values are used as input for the threshold formulas.
  6. In the Select a class list, click SAMPLING CUSTOMER VALUES.
  7. Click Add. The class description now appears in the table.
  8. In the Rules section, uncheck By Attribute if it is checked.
  9. Set the Threshold 1 value to 50. The value for Threshold 1 represents a percentage where the similar areas in the two fingerprints are weighted more heavily than the dissimilar areas.
  10. Let the default value of 0 for Threshold 2. The value for Threshold 2 represents a percentage where all areas (both similar and dissimilar) in the two fingerprints are given equal weight.
  11. Keep the logical operator set to AND.
  12. Click OK.
  13. In your TSO environment, submit the BURCLAR job by using the Submit Client Scheduled Job panel.
  14. In the Work with Jobs area, click refresh to verify that the job completed successfully.
  15. Close the Work with Jobs area.
  16. In your mainframe environment, verify the class assignment.
  17. Return to the Work with Data Elements window and refresh the list of data elements.
  18. Select the Select Data Elements tab if it is not already selected.
  19. Click the Data Store Attributes tab.
  20. Delete any text in the Data store Name field.
  21. Click Apply Filter.
  22. Click the Estimated Classes - Confirm tab.
  23. In the List of Data Elements (Filtered), select the row that has an estimated class but not an assigned class.
  24. Click Confirm Class. The Estimated Class names now appear in the Assigned Class column.
  25. Close the Work with Data Elements window and return to the Work with Data Stores window. A sampling class has successfully been assigned to data elements with similar distributions to the prototype.
  26. Close Data Builder.