Supported Character Encoding Systems

The following 1-byte character encoding systems are supported:

Character Encoding System Windows CP Mainframe CP UNIX CS
ISO8859-1 Latin1 (Western Europe) 1252 *see table below ISO8859-1(15)
ISO8859-2 Latin2 (Eastern Europe) 1250 IBM-870 ISO8859-2
ISO8859-5 Cyrillic 1251 IBM-1025 ISO8859-5* (iconv)
ISO8859-7 Greek 1253 IBM-875 ISO8859-7
ISO8859-9 Turkish 1254 IBM-1026 ISO8859-9
ISO8859-8 Hebrew 1255 IBM-424 ISO8859-8
ISO8859-6 Arabic 1256 IBM-420 ISO8859-6* (iconv)

The following mainframe character encoding systems are compatible with ISO8859-1:

Encoding System Location
IBM-037(1140) - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal
IBM-273(1141) - Austria, Germany
IBM-274 - Belgium
IBM-275 - Brazil
IBM-277(1142) - Denmark, Norway
IBM-278(1143) - Finland, Sweden
IBM-280(1144) - Italy
IBM-281 - Japanese English
IBM-284(1145) - Spanish
IBM-285(1146) - United Kingdom
IBM-297(1147) - France
IBM-500(1047) - Latin-1
IBM-871(1149) - Iceland

Data Express does not support any additional character encoding systems at this time. This includes any multi or mixed byte character sets for CJK languages, Vietnamese, or any of the various forms of UNICODE, including UTF-8, UTF-16, and UCS-2.