DBA Tasks for Extension Technology

You can update your Run-Time Knowledge Base to enable Data Express extension technology. Depending on the current state of your Run-Time Knowledge Base, you can make the updates by executing one or more SQL scripts as specified in the topics listed below.

Script Execution

With regard to the execution of SQL scripts to make the updates, the following applies:
  • All scripts must be executed by a database user with DBA privileges.
  • By default, all scripts provided by Micro Focus grant privileges to PUBLIC. You can change this to limit privileges solely to the user ID(s) used to connect to your source data store(s) as dictated by your database security requirements.

User Credentials

For each database user to mask and subset data using the ODBC or Oracle Extension, you must grant access to source and target data stores as well as the Run-Time Knowledge Base, located in the source data store(s). The privileges required are:

Object Required Privileges
Source data store(s) SELECT on tables processed within the specified schema(s)
Run-Time Knowledge Base INSERT, SELECT, and DELETE on tables within the DEKB schema
Target data store(s) CREATE TABLE, INSERT, and DELETE on tables processed within the specified schema(s)