Allocate and Load the Installation PDS

Define the installation PDS where the sequential data set is loaded.

  1. Using the ISPF editor, customize the IEBUPDTE member as specified in the JCL File (iebupdte.jcl) Customization topic.
  2. Submit IEBUPDTE to allocate and load the installation PDS.
  3. Browse the INST.LIB PDS.
  4. Select the member INSTLIB (not INST.LIB) using the Edit option.
  5. Change the first parameter in the CLIST INST.LIB (INSTLIB) to use the name of the installation PDS INST.LIB, and then execute the CLIST command file.

    For example, execute the TSO command:

    Note: You can also execute the CLIST by typing ex on the line for the member INSTLIB.
The Product Installation Menu panel is displayed.