Data Masking

This process allows for the creation of a new environment, starting from an existing environment and based on masking routines that must preserve:

  • the original meaning of the information
  • data referential integrity
  • the unique key

Data Express provides a standard masking routine for:

  • NamesSurnames
  • Company names
  • Addresses
  • Unique alphanumeric codes
  • Telephone numbers

However, you can develop customized masking routines for each standard case (for example, compress data or data with control characters) using standard programming languages (COBOL, PL/I, or C).

The application structure of Data Masking is organized in two phases:

  1. Creation of methods to generate a test environment (see the chapter Create New MethodWizard in the Data Subset Extraction Guide). This phase is not mandatory in that if the method is not created; all the files are expanded separately.
  2. Submission of masking jobs (see the chapter Work with Data Changer Jobs in theData Masking Guide).