JCL information

The JCLs are built starting skeletons for which names are defined in reload rules and that can be customized. Working samples are CBTELOD1 for reload and CBTELOD2 for repair; these are the same skeletons that are used by Create reload jobs.

The structure of the skeletons comprises a starting part and an ending part that are repeated once in the created JCLs, and a central part that is delimited by the following keywords:


//* SINGLE FILE END ELABORATION, that is repeated for each file.

In the skeleton, some variables are used and are then changed into the JCL values using the values stored in the Knowledge Base or included in the launch parameters.

The following table describes the used variables:

Variable Description
&NUM Numeric progressive
&UNLOADNAM Name of the sequential data set (output of extraction process)
&OWNAME Owner of the original table
&FILNAME Name of the original table
&DBNAME Database name of the original table
&TSNAME Tablespace name of the original table
&UNLINPNAM Name of the unload as specified in the Work with files area
&STEP Step name for the SYSPUNCH generation (automatically generated)
&STP1 Step name for the MISYSPUN program call (automatically generated)
&STP Name of the reload step (automatically generated)
&SYSPARM It can be ADD,YES, number of sortkeys

if no replace parameter, REP,YES, number of sortkeys

if replace parameter

&DSNNAME Name of the input DSN
&METHOD Name of the method
&JOBN Name of the job actualized with the JCL name